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Sponsorship Opportunities for the Picture Cleveland Project are always an option. I extend an open invitation to businesses, organizations and individuals who would like to see this project continue to grow and expand its reach all over the Greater Cleveland Area.

I run my own business and understand ROI. I want to support my sponsors and deliver the marketing message that makes the most sense for your business in keeping with the project. Depending on your level of sponsorship your business or organization will be featured throughout the website and in one of the main galleries of the website. Your information will also be included in our multimedia marketing materials and handouts.

Be a part of the positive growth and history of Cleveland, the great city we call home. Your sponsorship helps me to support charities, animal rescues and other groups in Cleveland. Email me or call 440-463-1283 for details on how to become a sponsor.
Today there is such a positive vibe in Cleveland as the city and surrounding communities continue to grow and emerge as a destination for sports, the arts, night life, events, business and tourism. Downtown has been revitalized with new sports arenas, the Rock Hall, shopping, food, cultural activites, housing and more. I enjoy photographing all aspects of Cleveland to create a photographic record of the people, places, events and the city for today and into posterity. Currently, I spend as much of my free time as possible traveling around the Greater Cleveland Area to photograph the people, places and events that occur here every day.

Your generous donations allow me to dedicate more time to the Picture Cleveland Project. My goal, if fully funded, is to devote 90% of my working time to the project. There are a lifetime of people, places and things to photograph in and around the City of Cleveland given the chance. If you would like to donate, a direct payment method for paypal is below or you can send a check or cash (please send by certified mail only for tracking purposes) to the studio . Donor's will be listed on the donor page on this website unless you prefer to remain anonymous. Individuals or business owners who donate $25 or more will receive a t-shirt to support the project*. Why $25 you ask? That covers parking, gas and t-shirt costs for 1 day downtown. If you donate $200 or more you will receive a complimentary in studio headshot for your own personal use on social media and job websites as well as on our donor page. Business donations are appreciated and I will do my best to feature your business in the website and on the donors page based on your level of donation. Thank you for your donation to make this project possible! Your donation is not tax deductible or refundable. I reserve the right to refuse, return or refund any donation for any reason. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Roger the Photographer/Owner at A and D Photography Studio

*Please note that the style and color of the t shirt you receive may be different from what is pictured. Sizes S M L XL only.
You are welcome to pick up your t-shirt at the studio and get a photo with it on for social media.